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Exterior lighting adds 'wow' factor.

Niseko Construction Basics – Let there be light!

Lighting is a fundamental but often neglected part of the interior planning of a home or chalet. After all, we perceive our surroundings thanks to light: light animates a space, highlighting the forms, textures, and colours that you put so much effort into selecting.  A successful lighting scheme can accentuate the design and decoration of […]

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Energy Efficient Homes – Insulation

Super-Insulating your alpine home or chalet will not only lead to greater year-round comfort but could also provide considerable savings on your heating and cooling bills over the life of the property. If your property is also a rental property or lodge, these savings will directly translate into an improved yield or return on your […]

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snow damage

Alpine Design Basics

The Niseko region is designated as a heavy snowfall area with the resort averaging around 15m of snow per year which is about 25% more than Whistler’s average. In winter, the northwest winds from Siberia pick up moisture from the Japan Sea, and upon hitting the mountains causes heavy snowfalls. For ski enthusiasts this is […]

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