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Niseko unit system

Niseko Construction Basics – Scale & Proportion

In history there have been several theories about order, scale and proportion in architecture, the most famous of which is the theory of the golden section. This theory attempts to relate the scale and proportions found in nature (especially the human form), to architectural design and by doing so create beauty and rationality in architecture. […]

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Exterior lighting adds 'wow' factor.

Niseko Construction Basics – Let there be light!

Lighting is a fundamental but often neglected part of the interior planning of a home or chalet. After all, we perceive our surroundings thanks to light: light animates a space, highlighting the forms, textures, and colours that you put so much effort into selecting.  A successful lighting scheme can accentuate the design and decoration of […]

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Energy Efficient Homes – Insulation

Super-Insulating your alpine home or chalet will not only lead to greater year-round comfort but could also provide considerable savings on your heating and cooling bills over the life of the property. If your property is also a rental property or lodge, these savings will directly translate into an improved yield or return on your […]

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snow damage

Alpine Design Basics

The Niseko region is designated as a heavy snowfall area with the resort averaging around 15m of snow per year which is about 25% more than Whistler’s average. In winter, the northwest winds from Siberia pick up moisture from the Japan Sea, and upon hitting the mountains causes heavy snowfalls. For ski enthusiasts this is […]

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The Japanese Genkan

The Japanese Genkan

Despite the westernization of many aspects of the Japanese home, the entrance foyer or ‘genkan’ as it is known in Japanese, is a traditional space with strong cultural significance, and together with the Japanese bathroom is still an important feature in modern Japanese homes. The genkan is something between a porch and a residential foyer […]

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The Japanese unit bath

The Japanese Bathroom

The Japanese bathtub, and it’s associated rituals plays an important role in Japanese culture. Here, the indulgent aspect of the bath is emphasized, whether that be at home, at the public bath-house (sento), or at ‘onsen’ hot springs throughout Japan. Whether at home or at an onsen, the Japanese bath experience amounts to much more […]

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Fung shui

Feng Shui and Solar Orientation

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”), is a term composed of two Chinese characters: feng (wind) and shui (water). Wind and water are the two natural elements that flow, move, and circulate everywhere on Earth. They are also the most basic elements required for human survival. Wind — or air — is the breath of life, […]

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Passive Solar Design

Tapping Free Energy: Passive Solar Design

Passive Solar Design Most of us have heard of the term passive solar design. Some of us may associate the idea with unconventional, fully self-sufficient, ‘off the grid’ homes, but in fact mainstream builders, architects and homeowners are increasingly embracing the concept. Passive solar design is all about taking advantage of the suns free energy […]

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